Well I’ve had a week of checking out the whole ponycore / broniecore music and I must say I’m very impressed that a whole music scene has popped up in less than a year and a half since the show began. While I threw together my own pony release NSFW with my friend TL in a long weekend (still  the only rule 34 / foul mouthed themed release i think) I think some of these guys and gals have put together some work that’s a cut above. Many are as good as a normal EDM home musician could hope for and done it with a real love for the show and for just making music as a thriving community (something that has load of similarities from the Wizard Rock movement from years past).

Since I’ve seen a lot of MLP fans show interest in the music and not have a clue where to start (same place I was at a short while ago) I put together a 2 disc mixtape of the most well known artists and best tracks into one long journey.  I think a nice comprehensive mixtape could really open doors to a scene that’s blowing up and allow anyone interested in checking it out to some of the great talent involved (plus its the best way to listen to EDM anyway). Obviously that may be a select audience but I think if that describes you by all means check it out as I tried to include anyone and anything you should know.

Mixtapes are single continuous tracks and are 61 and 70 min each.

Disc 1
Disc 2

Disc 1
1 Beatle Bronies - Something
2 Swagberg - Pony Swag
3 PinkiePieSwear - Giggle at the Ghostly (Simple Joy Mix)
4 Needs More Djent - Prance (Trotski Mix)
5 Daxien - Laughter
6 DrAnonPony - Flutterstep  
7 SimGretina - Yay  
8 Dj Alex S. - What a World
9 SoGreatandPowerful - A Beautiful Heart
10 SimGretina - Art of the Dress (Trance Dance Mix)
11 Taps - Fluttersad
12 General Mumble - Scratch vs. Octavia (MLP Main Theme Remix)
13 PinkiePieSwear - Sunshine and Celery Stalks
14 Dj Alex S. - Cutie Mark Crusaders (Dubstep Remix)  
15 The Living Tombstone - Rainbow Nukestep
16 Art Attack - Twalaght Spahrkulz Baloown
17 CatatonikC4T - Flutterrage
18 WoodenToaster - Pinkie's Lie
19 Pustulio & Derpy Hooves - Elements of Magic Redux
20 ISMBOFepicly - Luna's Lullabye (vs Not a Clever Pony)
21 Bronyfied - Pinkie's Headbanging Telegram (w/Vocals)
22 331 Erock - MLP Theme
23 Makkon - Luna Deos
24 sci vs Chain Algorithm  - Vinyl Finds a Fight
25 SimGretina - Hush Now, Quiet Now (Chillax Mix)
26 Eurobeat Brony - Luna (Dream Mode)

Disc 2
1 ISMBOFepicly - Hoity Toity's Fantabulous Swirly Toiltet
2 Foozogz - Flutter (Baby Dragon Remix)
3 JackleApp - The Fighting Ballad of Princess Celestia
4 Dj Alex S. - Trixie the Pony Troll
5 Griffin Village - Summer (The Living Tombstone Remix)
6 Daxien - Loyalty
7 Foozogz - Twilight's Insanity  
8 thescientist & Ernula X Culian - The Sugar Rush is Wearing Off (censored)
9 Wooden Toaster + Keep on Rocking Pony - Avast Fluttershy's Ass Remix
10 General Mumble - Ponyseidon's Race
11 Keep on Rocking Pony - Friendship is Magic
12 Dark Pivot - Royal Corruption
13 sci - Vinyl Will Kick Your Ass
14 Sherclop Ponies - Keep Calm and Cup Cakes
15 Eurobeat Brony - Cupcakes / You Gotta Share (FluttershyElsa Remixes)
16 Not a Clever Pony - For the New Lunar Republic
17 Voodoopony - You Gotta Glitch (vs. JackleApp)
18 WoodenToaster - She's a Pony
19 Dj Alex S. - Party With Pinky
20 Poowis - Pony Stomp
21 SimGretina -At the Gala (20% Cooler Remix)
22 DjAmayaOfficialLives - Winter Wrap Up (Dj Amaya vs Groovebot Extended)
23 Taps - Rainbow Flight
24 PinkiePieSwear - Flutter Wonder
25 SoGreatandPowerful -  Flutter Wonder (Remix)
26 Renard - Got My Pony Spam For You
27 VoodooPony - Derpin in Ponyville
28 JackleApp - Winter Left Unrapped (vs Wooden Toaster)

thanks to all and every artist included including the cover art (whomever they are).  🙂