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I’m releasing my third disc of my Pony Like You’re Hardcore Mixtape (which was a 2 disc set) today and upping to a streaming Mixcloud (follow the links for an mp3 download of the first 2 discs). This is a comprehensive mixtape I put together for those who were interested in Brony Music (music inspired by or sampling MLP: Friendship is Magic) which is a thriving current scene. I missed a few artists on the first sets but added them this time (Omnipony, Zahqo, Replacer, Archie.V, Dr. Dissonance, and Silva Hound to name a few) but I think it’s a great introduction to this new and diverse music. It gets a little dark in the last 1/3 but I think you can handle it. You may easily see the eventual 4th disc or any follow-up mixes when they are done, and thanks to all the great artists involved. If you like them and want to hear more and like MLP check out my tumbler.

Get all 3 mixes streaming here.

1|Replacer  – Cerulean Blue
2|Griffin Village (Jackle App) – Summer
3|MIU – Futtering Wonders (Vocal Mix)
4|PinkiePieSwear- Trixie’s Good Side
5|daks –  The Cutie Mark
6|Foozogz – Rarirty Makes 400 Dresses (Deadline Mix)
7|Omnipony – Tribute to Vinyl Scratch
8|SimGretina – Equestria Girls (House Remix)
9|Archie.V – Becoming Popular (Club Mix)
10|D.Notive – Becoming Popular (1987 House Mix)
11|Derpy Hooves and Silva Hound – Expensive Taste
12|Renard – Rainbow Dash Likes Girls
13|Jackle App – My Destiny is a Rock (voodoopony remix)
14|zahqo – Luna’s Ruse (ft Haymaker)
15|ISMBOFepicly & Makkon – We’ll “B” in Harmony Even Though We Struggle
16|Psychogoth – Luna’s Fury
17|Wooden Toaster – Rainbow Factory (Andy Feelin Terror EBM Mix)
18|Makkon – For the New Lunar Republic (Thorinair Remix)
19|Pinkie Cake – Gamemaster (DJ Pon-3  Remix)
20|Dr. Dissonance – Order of Discord (DJ Pon-3 Twist & Turns Remix)
21|Omnipony – Equestria in Grey
22|Foozogz – Psychotic Cupcakes
23|Tarby – Hide the Body (Art of Distress)

Mp3 Download (single track)

Incidentally here’s the original cover image almost unaltered.

Well I’ve had a week of checking out the whole ponycore / broniecore music and I must say I’m very impressed that a whole music scene has popped up in less than a year and a half since the show began. While I threw together my own pony release NSFW with my friend TL in a long weekend (still  the only rule 34 / foul mouthed themed release i think) I think some of these guys and gals have put together some work that’s a cut above. Many are as good as a normal EDM home musician could hope for and done it with a real love for the show and for just making music as a thriving community (something that has load of similarities from the Wizard Rock movement from years past).

Since I’ve seen a lot of MLP fans show interest in the music and not have a clue where to start (same place I was at a short while ago) I put together a 2 disc mixtape of the most well known artists and best tracks into one long journey.  I think a nice comprehensive mixtape could really open doors to a scene that’s blowing up and allow anyone interested in checking it out to some of the great talent involved (plus its the best way to listen to EDM anyway). Obviously that may be a select audience but I think if that describes you by all means check it out as I tried to include anyone and anything you should know.

Mixtapes are single continuous tracks and are 61 and 70 min each.

Disc 1
Disc 2

Disc 1
1 Beatle Bronies - Something
2 Swagberg - Pony Swag
3 PinkiePieSwear - Giggle at the Ghostly (Simple Joy Mix)
4 Needs More Djent - Prance (Trotski Mix)
5 Daxien - Laughter
6 DrAnonPony - Flutterstep  
7 SimGretina - Yay  
8 Dj Alex S. - What a World
9 SoGreatandPowerful - A Beautiful Heart
10 SimGretina - Art of the Dress (Trance Dance Mix)
11 Taps - Fluttersad
12 General Mumble - Scratch vs. Octavia (MLP Main Theme Remix)
13 PinkiePieSwear - Sunshine and Celery Stalks
14 Dj Alex S. - Cutie Mark Crusaders (Dubstep Remix)  
15 The Living Tombstone - Rainbow Nukestep
16 Art Attack - Twalaght Spahrkulz Baloown
17 CatatonikC4T - Flutterrage
18 WoodenToaster - Pinkie's Lie
19 Pustulio & Derpy Hooves - Elements of Magic Redux
20 ISMBOFepicly - Luna's Lullabye (vs Not a Clever Pony)
21 Bronyfied - Pinkie's Headbanging Telegram (w/Vocals)
22 331 Erock - MLP Theme
23 Makkon - Luna Deos
24 sci vs Chain Algorithm  - Vinyl Finds a Fight
25 SimGretina - Hush Now, Quiet Now (Chillax Mix)
26 Eurobeat Brony - Luna (Dream Mode)

Disc 2
1 ISMBOFepicly - Hoity Toity's Fantabulous Swirly Toiltet
2 Foozogz - Flutter (Baby Dragon Remix)
3 JackleApp - The Fighting Ballad of Princess Celestia
4 Dj Alex S. - Trixie the Pony Troll
5 Griffin Village - Summer (The Living Tombstone Remix)
6 Daxien - Loyalty
7 Foozogz - Twilight's Insanity  
8 thescientist & Ernula X Culian - The Sugar Rush is Wearing Off (censored)
9 Wooden Toaster + Keep on Rocking Pony - Avast Fluttershy's Ass Remix
10 General Mumble - Ponyseidon's Race
11 Keep on Rocking Pony - Friendship is Magic
12 Dark Pivot - Royal Corruption
13 sci - Vinyl Will Kick Your Ass
14 Sherclop Ponies - Keep Calm and Cup Cakes
15 Eurobeat Brony - Cupcakes / You Gotta Share (FluttershyElsa Remixes)
16 Not a Clever Pony - For the New Lunar Republic
17 Voodoopony - You Gotta Glitch (vs. JackleApp)
18 WoodenToaster - She's a Pony
19 Dj Alex S. - Party With Pinky
20 Poowis - Pony Stomp
21 SimGretina -At the Gala (20% Cooler Remix)
22 DjAmayaOfficialLives - Winter Wrap Up (Dj Amaya vs Groovebot Extended)
23 Taps - Rainbow Flight
24 PinkiePieSwear - Flutter Wonder
25 SoGreatandPowerful -  Flutter Wonder (Remix)
26 Renard - Got My Pony Spam For You
27 VoodooPony - Derpin in Ponyville
28 JackleApp - Winter Left Unrapped (vs Wooden Toaster)

thanks to all and every artist included including the cover art (whomever they are).  🙂

This is a 2 track single. Thicket was done more or less live with the Ipod App Thicket and a few post-production edits (a few loops, an extra beat track, and a bit of delay added) and Escher was done completely live on my pc with Inudge  several months ago and put on youtube. I though I’d give both of these tracks their own release as their long-winding both Ambient Techno tracks that I’m fond of (and that were fun video projects too).



The Plunderdrone series was the first release I did as thescientist and really was the beginning of my idea that plunderphonics could be a lot more interesting when avoiding just recognizable samples. That you could take something well known and change it into new music through a series of processes.  I haven’t revived the intended 5 disc series until now, deciding to try to complete the last 2 discs, with this recent one taking heavy metal classics and changing them via delay, reverb, distortion, and  microsound but also often keeping their teeth intact.  It’s a good jumping on point for those who didn’t check out the previous series or those who wanted to continue that journey (Disc 5 – Jazzz is all that is left now and will be completed in the future).

  1. War
  2. Funeral
  3. Ache
  4. Demons
  5. Operation
  6. Run
  7. Eyes
  8. Gang
  9. Blood
  10. Large
  11. Essence
  12. Master


Remixed my friend Ernula x Cuilan ‘s ambient track “beach ” in a dubstep style (a little bit of drum & bass in there too to be honest). Went for one long track in two-movements as the beach gets invaded by aliens.


TheLongingSH(also known as Ernula x Cuilan) sent me 4 FL Studio tracks that were rather basic sketches with the opportunity to try to build a project around them. As I know he’s a big bronie and there is a currently a huge meme around the show (including a rash of broniecore music projects coming out regarding the show that rivals Lolicore and Wizard Rock in enthusiasm) I went for that type of a direction finding a load of samples on youtube to assist. This release is a reflection of what happens after a “little girls show” goes viral and becomes championed by grown hetero men and takes on a life of it’s own within that culture (a dirty and twisted one).  As stated it’s NSFW.
1.We Have a Pony Party Going on Here (Clop to This Mix)
2. For Fucks Sake Spike
3. Elephants of Harmony (Bronie 101 ft. Blunty)
4. The Sugar Rush is Wearing Off

Haunted House

This is basically an hour long Halloween themed Mixtape. I handpicked some of the scariest music available and then collaged them in a way that’s constantly changing and  with a wide variety of genres. Again a mixtape that isn’t your standard mixing style (about 80 tracks on here) and hopefully it will scare well or at least keep you on your toes.



New collaboration this week, this time with my friend w.x. He sent me 6 original tracks and i did some further production work to create an album called Laboratory. Reminds me of sci-fi movies and musically is between dark ambient and progressive electronic. This isn’t too far off from the music Ian normally makes but I gave it some different textures and a dark trippy feel. Enjoy.

  1. Hazardous Materials
  2. Synaptic Response
  3. Neuroprosthetic
  4. Metallurgy
  5. The Final Surgery
  6. Vacuum Chamber


The Dark Half

This was initially intended as a Best of #2, but done as a Macrosound (the opposite of Microsound) version of what I likely would have picked. After I left a hidden message in the final track to explain what you were listening to I went to stretch back / uncompress the track to see if the message was audible and got a nasty and completely unintended result; dark ambient versions of my songs, vocals erased (similar sounding to Microsound but not anywhere as slow). This turned into a better release purely on accident as one experiment gave way to another even more interesting and a weird way to do a best of that’s really all new material.


This has been a project that I’ve had on the backburner for a few months and is a bit unconventional for me. Mostly jamming with my midi keyboard around midnight on a couple late evenings and recording the one-takes. I tried to not tinker with too many of the results other than occasionally duplicating the original track with additional synths. In the end I’m happy with the retro results (mostly new age and progressive electronic sounding) although making such coherent “music” stripped of beats and effects makes me a feel bit naked to be judged as musically it’s pretty simple and minimal. Hopefully it’s good even if it’s different than what I’ve done before.

1. Piano at Midnight
2. Comet
3. Divinity
4. Introspective
5. Strumming
6. A Long Way Home